Auguste Renoir, with full name of Pierre-Auguste Renoir ,1841-1919, was born in the town of the Haute-Vienne, Limoges,France. From a family of a tailor, and later moved with the family to Paris。 His family was poor. when he was around 12 years old, the artist was sent to a porcelain workshops and been engaged in painting on porcelain and screen work. It is this work evoked the artist's inner interests on painting. His spend his spare time in art school to learn painting, At the same time,study Sketching at Glaire studio. Where he get acquaintance with claude monet, Alfred Sisley-- the great Impressionist pioneers, then be embarked on the road of Impressionism  The character of Renoir is quite and gentle and approachable, his choice of models is never too picky. Auguste Renoir is not actived in social activities and keep a taciturn sentimental look, but when he was painting, his face immediately become radiant, some time even hum a sweet song. Renoir is famous for his figure  paintings, especially those painting with sweet, bright face and hands are the most classic ones. Since the mid-1780s, he broke away from the Impressionist movement, turned to portraiture, especially women portraits to play a more rigorous and formal painting techniques. Among all the Impressionists, Auguste Renoir is perhaps the most popular one, because his paintings are about beautiful children, flowers, scenery, especially the lovely woman. And Renoir been categoriezed as the younger Impressionist Group, even 1 year younger than claude Monet. Since his 41th birthday, Auguste Renoir's health condition be a problem. In his last 15 years , his arthritis pain almost make him inseparable from the wheelchair. He had to strapp the brush on his hand to paint. Amazing, his work did not leave a trace of personal suffering . His paintings has always affirming the beauty of life, Shadows and grief all excluded. Auguste Renoir is such a frivolous artists, his art has always been to let people see the joy and the sweet side of life. Thanks for support by Eyesee art whom supplying the decoration crafts, Also thanks for Paintingiant art whom offering the museum quality oil painting reproductions

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